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A Tourist In My Own City

I love visitors. I love it even more when these visitors happen to be some of my best friends from New York.

city and friend

Ninia and David came to Chicago to visit me about a week and half ago. They had never been, so it was my rightful duty as a Chicagoan to show them everything that the Windy City has to offer. I have to admit I probably wasn’t the best tour guide–growing up, I never took it upon myself to check out a lot of Chicago’s landmarks so I was content on being a tourist right along side them.

We first stopped at the Sears Tower (I know it’s called the Willis Tower now, but to me, it will forever be known as the Sears Tower. To all those who detest, I simply reply, “Whatchu talkin’ about Willis?”) I had never been to the top floor, and while I look happy in the picture above, I was actually petrified that I was going to fall right through that glass.

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