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Three ways of better cleaning your kitchen appliances

Keeping your kitchen appliances clean is sometimes a very hard job because there are stubborn stains that is just cling to your favorite cookware. They can be the burnt-on stains, tarnished things for years or layers of food that won’t budge. I know that these things won’t come off easily with just soap and water. It would be so annoying to look at the best tea kettle you love to use every day having irritating stains in the beautiful stainless steel surface. How ironic is that! So what you need right now is to gather the materials and follow my instruction in order to regain the beauty of your kitchenware. Continue Reading


How To Select A Great Wireless Dog Fence For Your Dog?

wireless-dog-fence-tipsHave you seen that your neighbor’s dog don’t keep running into your property any longer? You have likewise seen your neighbor strolling around with his pet toward a few banners in their yard and that their puppies would turn back and not cross the limit. To end your interest, your neighbor has as of late started utilizing a wireless dog fence. It endeavors to keep mutts inside their proprietor’s property with no physical hindrance included. No Physical Barrier? You heard it right.  Continue Reading


How to Use the Smoker to Make Eye-Catching And Delicious smoked Pork Thigh

You all know that the smoked pork thigh on the market costs rather high. Thus, smoking pork thigh by yourself will save your money and ensure your health without any preservation products but still achieve high quality. It is very suitable for the dining or party of the whole family.
It can say that the making of the smoked pork thigh dish is rather picky, but its result will not make you disappointed. The smoked pork thigh is very well when eating with the rice as well as bread. It also has a high amount of nutrition.

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In the past, people tend to go to the market every day so they do not need to worry about food storage. However, in the modern life, people are getting busier and busier with earning for living and daily job so they often have to buy available food to store in the refrigerator or freezer. Many foods are fresh and delicious at the beginning but after storing in the freezer or refrigerator, the taste will be changed and not delicious anymore.

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All you need to do before purchasing an air fryer

Thanks to a list of advantages over the old traditional frying way, the air fryer is becoming more and more common and easily seen in every kitchen. Owning an air fryer, most of the cooking tasks generally are not a challenge to every individual anymore:

  • It can produce a good amount of food in around five minutes without requiring fire or oil, hence reduce up to eighty percent of fat in food.
  • It can maintain the whole nutrition fact of the food since the machine is completely closed throughout the operating process.
  • It is easy to resemble, clean and store.
  • It can deal with an assortment of various foods in a variety of ways.
  • It is safer to users and their surroundings than the frying pan, thus make the kitchen a more secure place.


Being multifunctional, an air fryer can be a solution to the food issue of most everyone.

If you are a little bit overweight or simply you want to keep fit, you can still indulge in fried food without worrying about the calories or fat.

If you are careful about the quality of food and want to eat healthier, you can apply air fryer in your making roast fish, cupcakes or other kind of food like that.

If you find it hard doing up the kitchen or cleaning the mess after cooking, air fryer can be an answer to your problem.

However, it is not always to make a good purchase of an air fryer. In fact, there are a wide range of brands nowadays, together with some of the replica or fake items. Therefore, it is of much importance that every customer should arm themselves with some information about air fryers before making a purchasing decision.

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3 Objects Help You to Look For Purchasing The Slow Cooker

Do you want to use roast ribs, chicken soup, or beef stew after a working day? In the cold weather, these foods are a desire of anyone. If you want to have a hot and delicious meal, the best slow cookers will be the perfect choice for you. Even, in case you only begin learning to cook, but you will also recognize the preparation of a meal that is beneficial and simple with a slow cooker. When you have been acquainted with it, you will always have a luscious dinner, which is waiting for you. Simply, you only need to add ingredients into your slow cooker. Remain everything will be done by this cooker. For the reason, this home appliance allows you to apply an approach by the set-and-forget way in order to cook. Therefore, you do not need to keep your eyes on the dish during the process of cooking.

best slow cooker

It can say that the slow cooker is popular with those who want to cook at home when there are plenty of simple dishes to cook. Consequently, this one leads to increase in the kinds of the slow cooker so that you may select. Thus, three objects need to have to know when you want to buy a slow cooker for yourself.

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Home Idea

Installing a ceiling fan step by step – The Guide

In this guide we will explain how to install a ceiling fan in simple steps
Before starting to do it is disconnect the power supply in the switch box. First we start by deciding where we will install the ceiling fan. To do this, we must take into account the minimum distances must be respected so that air can move effectively and avoid an accident with the very tall people

The recommended height of 2.40m is a precaution to avoid contacting the fan, for example arms, however can be reduced to 2.30 m if necessary. Similarly, the maximum recommended distance between the ceiling fan and the floor height is about 2.70m (about 3m ceilings onwards). This is the ideal high for the best ceiling fans for bedrooms

For greater heights, and sloping roofs or sloping, there are specific models of greater diameter and / or vertical length. There are also seatposts extension , which can be found available in various lengths.

And the opposite case also has alternatives. If the ceiling of the room is not high enough, there are fans that allow be installed without seatpost to seize spaces.

ceiling fan for bedrooms
After deciding on the position of the fan, the next thing to do is set the fan bracket to the ceiling, so that the cables are hidden hovering inside the bracket.

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Tips For Kitchen Cookware

Is it possible to buy utensils kitchen cheap and good quality? Why , yes, but we must know how to buy and know the details that need to be fixed and what is appropriate for our needs.

Then I will explain a number of tips for buying utensils cheap kitchen , depending on their manufacturing equipment, their function or class. If you consider, you will make an appropriate purchase your requirements, and save at the same time.

tip for kitchen cookware

If Cheap cookware are non stick coating

In the case of cheap cookware with nonstick coating, especially when it comes to Teflon, as is the case with most cooking pans, you must be very careful.

Keep in mind that a Teflon quality, well used, does not cause danger to health. However, teflons low quality of the source is unknown, they can be very harmful, so pay attention to:

A Trusted Brand: We suggest a domestic brand or another country of trust, to ensure that Teflon has passed quality controls Spaniards and Europeans. We must not confuse the brand with the country of manufacture, as the country of manufacture almost always abroad, but a Spanish brand on the product, although manufacturing is foreign, for import into Spain, has had to meet the requirements of Spanish and European security, so no problem. The important thing is that the mark is Spanish or any other country of trust, irrespective of the country of manufacture.
When using cookware with Teflon, such as cooking pans , we must never reach 270 ° C, since at that point is where the Teflon releases harmful substances. One of the healthy non-stick cookware is green life healthy ceramic cookware. View green life healthy ceramic cookware reviews

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My Packed Lunch


Like many people, I pack a lunch nearly every day. This involves planning ahead to ensure I have everything I need to assemble a nutritious and flavorful lunch, along with snacks, and occasionally breakfast. Over the past few years I’ve become more and more creative with my lunches, but return to the classics time and again. I want my meals to be filling and easy to prepare, and typically put everything together the night before, making it easy to bag it all up and go once morning comes.

The purpose of this series is to share some of my packed lunches – ones that are creative, especially delicious, different, or just plain good. I know many people who pack lunch, and I love seeing what others carry in their lunchboxes and coolers – some of my best ideas come from seeing what others choose to bring for their midday meal.

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Baking, Bananas, and Birds

Another big week on the cake pop front, so that means a lot of baking. And also a lot of bananas. And Birds.cake pop 3

We experimented with a new flavor (yum!) called Banana Cream made to taste like a banana cream pie. I topped it off with some graham cracker crumbles–a nice touch if I do say so myself 😉

cake pop 2

cake pop

Also new this week: Angry Birds!

angry bird

To be honest, I had never heard of the game before a mother asked us to make them for her son’s birthday party (apparently I am really out of the loop…or so I am told).

angry bird 2

I did some research, and apparently this game is getting over 60,000 downloads a day. Holy wow! Where have I been?!

angry bird 3
……Ok, I can’t resist! I made these flowers last week but I think they are too cute not to share!


Flowers for a school luncheon! Perfect for spring 🙂

flowers 2

Some more cake pop experimenting is going on in the kitchen within the next couple weeks. I will (of course) keep you updated 😉 (Hint: DC Comics. Any guesses?!)

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