Three ways of better cleaning your kitchen appliances

Keeping your kitchen appliances clean is sometimes a very hard job because there are stubborn stains that is just cling to your favorite cookware. They can be the burnt-on stains, tarnished things for years or layers of food that won’t budge. I know that these things won’t come off easily with just soap and water. It would be so annoying to look at the best tea kettle you love to use every day having irritating stains in the beautiful stainless steel surface. How ironic is that! So what you need right now is to gather the materials and follow my instruction in order to regain the beauty of your kitchenware.

Cleaning stainless steel kettles

When you first buy them, they look so beautifully shiny and bright but as time passes by there might be brown spots and discolored areas that is hard to clean off just by routine washing. This is a quite common problems for stainless steel appliances like kettles, pots and pans.


So how to regain the new look of your favorite kitchen appliances? The answer is Bar Keepers Friend – a cheap and easy way to clean all the disturbing spots and an amount of elbow grease, of course. Now, let’s go and get the Bar Keepers Friend from any stores for only $2, a scrubbing pad which is very essential to get the work done and rubber gloves to protect your hand. I promise with a little effort and these materials you can clean up and have your kettle look as brand new.

To begin with, you need to pour a bit of water into the kettle, add some Bar Keepers Friend and blend this well together. You can choose to add more water or more powder according to your preferences), Now let’s the scrubbing pad in and use your elbow grease to scrub away the stains. This process may takes about 5 or 10 minutes, and you can add more powder to the scrubbing pad if you feel like the stain doesn’t come off. Let it dry and you have finish the transformation for your favorite kettle from old to new.

Cleaning and polishing copper cookware

You only need two simple and easy-to-find ingredients, and probably elbow grease to clean your favorite copper cookware. What are these secret things needed to get the work done? No need for a trip to stores for supplies or gathering tools, what you need is simply just lemon and salt.



With the magic combination of these two, you can clean off many kitchenware especially copper one. Now, you need add salt to half a lemon then scrub the pot surface and use the lemon to do this job. You don’t need to worry whether the salt might scratch your cookware, trust me, it works well. For areas that are hard to clean like the bottom of the pot, you can apply this technique: put the paste of salt and lemon in that area and let it sit for a while, 30 minutes is ideal, then scrub it periodically.

Cleaning cast iron skillet

With the follow instruction that provides a simple technique, you will have your skillet lean, rust-free and well-seasoned again in no time. However I have a reminder of things you should not do when applying this technique: no using soap, no steel wool and no putting in the dishwasher.

Now let’s gather all needed materials and get to work. You will need sponge, cloth, paper towels, vegetable oil and kosher salt. Remember that you need to clean the skillet right after using and don’t soak it in the sink because this may causes rust. First wash by using a sponge and hot water, remember not to use soap or steel wool which can strip the seasoning of the pan. Next you need to mix paste of kosher salt and water and scrub the skillet using this paste to remove any stubborn food stuck. Finally dry it on stove over low heat and apply a bit of vegetable oil to the cloth to the inside of skillets.

I hope you will find these tips and tricks helpful in cleaning your favorite kitchen appliances. You just need to follow my instruction, apply the dos and avoid the don’ts then you kitchenware can regain its bright and shiny look.

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