How to Use the Smoker to Make Eye-Catching And Delicious smoked Pork Thigh

You all know that the smoked pork thigh on the market costs rather high. Thus, smoking pork thigh by yourself will save your money and ensure your health without any preservation products but still achieve high quality. It is very suitable for the dining or party of the whole family.
It can say that the making of the smoked pork thigh dish is rather picky, but its result will not make you disappointed. The smoked pork thigh is very well when eating with the rice as well as bread. It also has a high amount of nutrition.

The way to use the best propane smoker to make smoked pork thigh we will provide below is quite special about both the raw materials and processing stage. This makes the meat has the bold flavor, and the skin is also spicy and delicious due to a jam layer pasted on it, for example cloves, plum,…
Let’s follow to know the making of this special delicious pork thigh bacon.
Firstly, to make the smoked pork thighs delicious and ensure the safety most you must buy the fresh and clean pork thighs. In case you do not love the thigh, you can also replace it by the pork shoulder or the thin pork fat. Wash clearly, let the thighs drained, and do preliminary treatment for the pork thighs.
After that, rinse one time more with fluid salt water to keep the most delicious natural taste of them. Preheat the smoker before from 10 to 15 minutes, place grills on the baking trays, and put the pork thighs on them to bake for about 10 minutes, when the pork thighs are cooked and yellow finely on 2 surfaces and become crispy.
You can also bake the pork thighs by the grill on charcoal oven, but the result will not better than using the smoker. As the water and fat in the thighs meat can flow down the below fire and make it pace up, make an explosive sound and other stuffs. Especially with the pork thighs mashed in salt water, because they keep a lot of water. Moreover, you must keep your eyes always on the meat to prevent it from burning. So, you had better use smoker, microwave or smoking gun.
Next, you use a knife to cut and peel the black burned parts out. Then, apply sugar and mustard on the pork thighs to make them tastier but not bitter. If you want, you can marinate them before 1 day and put them in ice bowl or in the freezer of the fridge.
Secondly, wrap the pork thighs with plum and cloves jams by a foil. Then, put them in the smoker again. Bake them till the smoker gets 170-180 degrees, you open the smoker. Pour a little cider on the surface of pork thighs. Repeat this baking and marinating with cider step for about 2 hours to help your smoked pork thighs to have the stronger and sweeter taste.
Finally, get the pork thighs smoked out and peel the foil out of the thighs. Put the pot of plums and cloves jam, juice, and cider on the oven to make the sauce until the mixture becomes consistent. Use the brush to baste them on the pork thighs, that’s finished.
Smoked pork thigh is one of the best and most popular dishes of the pork cuisine. You just need to cut it into moderate pieces, put it on plates with vegetable, onion and sour cream; it is very delicious and beautiful. Let’s eat them together with allspice salt or allspice sauce. If the party has not begun yet, you can use the food covering to keep the smoke longer.
We believe some steps above will not be too hard for you to give your beloved people a delicious dish instead of buying them at stores. Besides, smoked pork thigh dish is easy, simple and quickly for you to storage and process into other completely dishes on the days you do not have much time for cooking. Hope you do it successfully!

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