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Installing a ceiling fan step by step – The Guide

In this guide we will explain how to install a ceiling fan in simple steps
Before starting to do it is disconnect the power supply in the switch box. First we start by deciding where we will install the ceiling fan. To do this, we must take into account the minimum distances must be respected so that air can move effectively and avoid an accident with the very tall people

The recommended height of 2.40m is a precaution to avoid contacting the fan, for example arms, however can be reduced to 2.30 m if necessary. Similarly, the maximum recommended distance between the ceiling fan and the floor height is about 2.70m (about 3m ceilings onwards). This is the ideal high for the best ceiling fans for bedrooms

For greater heights, and sloping roofs or sloping, there are specific models of greater diameter and / or vertical length. There are also seatposts extension , which can be found available in various lengths.

And the opposite case also has alternatives. If the ceiling of the room is not high enough, there are fans that allow be installed without seatpost to seize spaces.

ceiling fan for bedrooms
After deciding on the position of the fan, the next thing to do is set the fan bracket to the ceiling, so that the cables are hidden hovering inside the bracket.

Then we prepare the motor assembly, the trim, seat post and finial:

– Connect the fan blade holders to the motor, however it is better to wait before fixing the blades as they could twist and throw the ceiling fan.
– Acopla the pieces of the finial and trim the stem.
– Now enter the motor wiring through the inside of the shank.
– Finally stem engine fixed using the pin, hook and screws. In this step we must take care not to damage the cable with pin when inserted into the seat.

The next step is to attach the fan to the ceiling. This requires introducing the coupling piece end of the shank in the holder ring, matching the slot with the brand. In this way the engine will be suspended but subject safely and can make the turn freely.

ceiling fan for large bedrooms

The last step before testing our fan, this is the connection with clamps looming ceiling void. It would be normal feed light and the fan motor are not independent and see one (brown) wire to feed both. In that case we connect the motor cables (black) and light (red) in the same terminal, as shown in the image.

The time to see if we have learned how to install a ceiling fan, both the light and the engine has come. If everything works properly proceed to attach the finial and seat post with screws, being hidden support.

Finally, we will join the fan blades noting that we do on the right side and with special care not to bend them.

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