My Packed Lunch


Like many people, I pack a lunch nearly every day. This involves planning ahead to ensure I have everything I need to assemble a nutritious and flavorful lunch, along with snacks, and occasionally breakfast. Over the past few years I’ve become more and more creative with my lunches, but return to the classics time and again. I want my meals to be filling and easy to prepare, and typically put everything together the night before, making it easy to bag it all up and go once morning comes.

The purpose of this series is to share some of my packed lunches – ones that are creative, especially delicious, different, or just plain good. I know many people who pack lunch, and I love seeing what others carry in their lunchboxes and coolers – some of my best ideas come from seeing what others choose to bring for their midday meal.

My first bagged lunch of this series was simple – but delicious and filling.


Egg salad, and ranch for dipping my vegetable of choice, which today was:


Broccoli. I had two tangelos to enjoy as my fruit, and ate my egg salad with a hefty serving of:


Wheaty crackers. Homemade peanut-butter chocolate chip granola bars made up my snack, and rounded out my midday eats. It was a delicious and simple day’s worth of food – quick to pack, and surprisingly filling.


All of this took less than ten minutes to prepare and pack, and that included chopping up my eggs and mixing them with mayo and mustard, bagging up my crackers, and boxing up my broccoli.

This is a meal I’ll definitely be repeating in the future.

What are some of your favorite lunchtime meals?

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