Baking, Bananas, and Birds

Another big week on the cake pop front, so that means a lot of baking. And also a lot of bananas. And Birds.cake pop 3

We experimented with a new flavor (yum!) called Banana Cream made to taste like a banana cream pie. I topped it off with some graham cracker crumbles–a nice touch if I do say so myself 😉

cake pop 2

cake pop

Also new this week: Angry Birds!

angry bird

To be honest, I had never heard of the game before a mother asked us to make them for her son’s birthday party (apparently I am really out of the loop…or so I am told).

angry bird 2

I did some research, and apparently this game is getting over 60,000 downloads a day. Holy wow! Where have I been?!

angry bird 3
……Ok, I can’t resist! I made these flowers last week but I think they are too cute not to share!


Flowers for a school luncheon! Perfect for spring 🙂

flowers 2

Some more cake pop experimenting is going on in the kitchen within the next couple weeks. I will (of course) keep you updated 😉 (Hint: DC Comics. Any guesses?!)

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