39 weeks, 4 days + the OMGNURSERYTOUR

First of all, YAYSIES. Between you and my Facebook friends, I got some brilliant suggestions for the Father’s Day CD, plus some great ideas for next year too. If anybody gives a shit, I’ll share them all in a post after Father’s Day. (Unless I have the baby, in which case you probably won’t hear from me for months and months.)

I will be 40 weeks pregnant on Saturday and just in case anyone’s wondering, I’m not planning on one last, triumphant run this week just so I can say I totally ran throughout my pregnancy.

Although my butt is actually feeling better! Maybe things have shifted downward? I can’t tell from looking at my belly if it’s dropped, but I definitely feel more comfortable this week than I have in a long time. I actually feel amazing right now. Today I swam 1500 yards and cleaned the fuck out of my house and I didn’t even feel tired. (For comparison: last week I walked around the block one time and thought I was going to die.)

Some sources say a huge burst of energy or “extreme nesting” is a sign of labor, but if that’s the case then my kid is also going into labor soon because she refused to nap today for the first time in ages.

I’m also going through some of that typical last-days-before-new-baby guilt and anxiety about how Kenzie will adjust, about how much I’ll miss her while I’m in the hospital, about giving her a baby sister to compete with, and I’m just generally freaking out about having two kids.


We bought Kenzie a couple of “new baby” gifts, including a Beco mini baby carrier for her dolls (mostly monkeys actually) and a doctor kit. For some reason, she’s been using a headband as a stethoscope, so we know she’ll be thrilled to get the “real” thing.

2014-06-10 09.42.37

Can I take it off now?

We also thought with all the redecorating and general new baby fuckery going on, Kenzie might like some updates to her bedroom too. My mom got her a wooden clip-board thingy to hang her artwork on, and we let her paint it. We hung that on her wall, and put a new bookshelf in the space where the changing table was. Nothing big, but she likes to look at her paintings, and it’s great that we actually have space in there for some of her books now.


Someday these will be worth millions

Oh, see the crib there on the right? Yeah, that’s where it’s staying. We sucked it up and bought another one for the newbie. Kenzie has never tried to get out of her crib and  we didn’t see any reason to rush her into a toddler bed just so her baby sister could have the crib.

Also, I’ve heard horror stories from some of my playgroup friends about their kids getting up 30 times a night when they transition to toddler beds. That’s something we really don’t want to deal with right now.

AND AND AND we feel like Kenzie is already going to have to give up some things when new baby comes along; namely attention, and a whole bunch of her books and toys. Why force her through one more adjustment if it’s not necessary?

Anyway, all that said, here’s the new room!

2014-06-08 17.42.38

2014-06-08 21.48.06

2014-06-09 08.15.39

Couple of things:

The chair. Yeah, we bought another chair. In addition to all her toys and books and priceless artwork, Kenzie’s also really attached to “her” glider. We sit in it together every night to read bedtime stories, and it just seemed cruel to move it out of her room and into the baby’s. So we bought another one but we spent half as much on it. It’s not nearly as comfortable as Kenzie’s, but it’ll do just fine and it coordinates well with the room.

Chevrons. I actually hate chevrons and I sort of even hate people who like chevrons. But I found this big, colorful print that matched perfectly and it had to be mine. So we bought a chevron rug too and then placed a very firm limit on the number of chevron-patterned items at two. The rest of the shit is polka dots.

That’s all! I want to try to blog again one more time before the baby is born, but if you don’t hear from me, just please pray I was able to find the time for one last bikini wax and mani/pedi because, priorities!

2014-06-11 20.39.08

Get out.