Friday haiku

So my friend Greg (god rest his soul…oh, he’s not dead. He just doesn’t call me anymore.) always used to write a Friday haiku and send it out to all his friends; and I had so much fun writing that absurd poem yesterday, I thought maybe he wouldn’t mind passing the torch along to me.

Here you go.

Setting back women’s
liberation one royal
wedding at a time.

21 thoughts on “Friday haiku

  1. shelby says:

    I was just reading something online about how she’s not actually a princess because she’s a duchess or something like that. Suck on that one, Disneyheads!

    I do think her dress was lovely, though.

    • Marie says:

      I may have to amend this to “filthy haiku friday.”

      I was hoping more people would post their own… guess I should have asked a question in bold!

  2. cindylu says:

    Did you know Disneyland has a Princess Half Marathon now? It’s so freakin’ expensive too. I know it’s gonna sell out because even grown ass women have a princess complex.

    I used to try to write daily haiku. The project lasted half a year. Some weren’t half bad and I’d even write in Spanish occasionally, but that’s tough since words have more syllables en español.

    • kemibe says:

      Any event put on by Disney is fucking garbage and deserved to be eliminated by dint of horrific acts of God, a violent uprising by millions of aggrieved peasants, or thermonuclear bombs. Heckling it on the Internet is a good start, I suppose.

      Julie Threlkeld of Races Like a Girl used to write funny object Haikus:

    • Marie says:

      You’d have to pay ME to do the Disney Half. I heard it’s really annoying because people are constantly stopping on the course to take pictures and such. No thanks!

      If I can keep up the Friday haiku thing for six months, I think I’ll consider it a successful endeavor.

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